On scary shit

On scary shit

I’m writing this from my sickbed. So that’s… yaaaaaaay?

A couple of weeks back I wrote about things I’ve learned in 2015 so far. I would like to add something to that:

Being scared is not a good enough reason not to do something.

This is one I really struggle with. Mainly because things that seem cast-iron sensible to others are often, to me, big giant scareposts (it’s a thing) shouting ‘No! This will mean Change! Change is Not Acceptable! Change is THE ENEMY! cue Psycho violins

I suspect a lot of this is because I’m a giant flibbertigibbit (again, it’s a thing) who’s been told more than once that she needs to sit down for thirty seconds and be sensible about things for once. But, as previously discussed, being sensible rarely gets me very far.

A couple of months back one of those strange things happened that was brilliant, but – for various reasons – wasn’t quite right to pursue at the time. But mostly, it was because I was being a scaredy-cat idiot who was worried about her face not fitting (newsflash: it usually doesn’t). Fast-forward two months and of course I now realise how much of a scaredy-cat idiot I was being. What’s worse is that being a scaredy-cat idiot didn’t even stop the thing I was worried about from happening anyway. So there was literally no purpose to being a scaredy-cat idiot.


That said, being scared also isn’t a good enough reason to do something either. Not everything is a bungee-jump/skydive of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’ joy. Well improv is, but improv is amazing and everyone should do it just because.

Also, sorry but I’m pretty convinced I would hate every second of the way down on a skydive. I saw that episode of Hollyoaks. Well, I saw that scene. Mostly. I had to turn to the next channel at the crucial moment because urgh, but apparently I’m still twisted enough to want to watch most of it.

What I’m saying is, if you really don’t want to do something and you have valid reasons to be scared of it in addition to that, er, just don’t do it? But don’t not do something just because you’re scared, particularly if you really want to and/or it means change. Because change is actually good, for the most part.

Unless you’re Big Bird. In which case, never change.