On the great leap

On the great leap

At the end of this month I take the first of what will, I’m guessing, be several great leaps.

I’m leaving my full-time, relatively secure job and taking a month out to travel around Vietnam. Several things about this plan:


  • I’ve never been to Asia before
  • I speak none of the language
  • I have no plan


Most of that is by design. Obviously, if you’re my Dad, this is actually all hyperbolic blogger lies. I TOTALLY HAVE A CAST-IRON PLAN IT’S ALL SET YOU’LL SEE.

I’m starting in Ho Chi Minh City (aka. Saigon) and working my way up the coast to Hanoi. I will, at points, be visiting Hoi An and Halong Bay. Beyond that I’m trying, for once, to see where the wind takes me a bit. Massively self-indulgent? Yes.

Expect a Google Map detailing exactly which hostels I’m staying in and when I’ll be in each place by the end of next week, obviously.


When I get back from Vietnam, that’s the bigger leap by far. I’ll be freelancing/part-timing (PLEASE DEAR GOD GIVE ME SOME WORK TO DO I NEED MONEY TO BUY CAKE), but more than that I’ll be starting my studies at Central. They have ‘Royal’ in their name now don’t-you-know. I would still be incredibly confused as to how I got in even if they didn’t.

I’m going there one day a week to do the MA in scriptwriting (oh alright, MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media), and finally make good on some of my creative ambitions. Terrified? Yes. Excited? HELL YES.