St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

St. Lucia​ are back! I love St. Lucia. Here is a video by them for their new song ‘Dancing on Glass’. It is St. Lucia and you cannot go wrong with this, therefore you should listen and watch.

This video involves geometric costuming from the 1980s, a wall of posters that still has nothing on me and my Friends love back when I was 15 (being a comedy-loving Aspie ftw!) and a man who enjoys self-tanning running around in his pants. So there we are.


Pro points:

  • the vest top Patti is wearing in the video may look familiar to anybody I met in Vietnam
  • literally no idea what’s happening in this video which makes it amazing

Slightly less pro points:
– the wondering as to whether this album’s actually going to be released in the UK or not
– I absolutely trashed the aforementioned vest top whilst in Vietnam and it’s now basically orange 🙁


Anyway. ENJOY.