On 2015

On 2015
Mui Ne 2015 - 27
2015 has frankly been utterly ridiculous. Obviously the most significant thing of all was Star Wars: The Force Awakens bringing Poe Dameron, Finn and (most importantly) Rey into all of our lives. Also, Oscar Isaac’s face. I think we can all agree on that. Incredibly, though, other stuff has happened…
I started doing improv
Going into 2015 I’d decided that above all, I wanted to start performing again because I missed it. Also because I wanted to see if I was any good at it.
Turns out… I’m pretty good at it.
I’ve just signed up for my next lot of improv so hopefully there’ll be more news on my prancing around in public soon.
I embarked on Professional Thesping
In October I started at Central! I’m doing the MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media. I write funny things and now I am learning how to write funny things better. It is awesome and this is by far the best decision I’ve made in quite some time. Well, possibly except for…
That time I went travelling on my own for a month
At the end of August, thanks to a confluence of Life Events, I decided to tick a country off my bucket list and head to Vietnam. Actually, I ended up ticking off two countries – after I landed in Ho Chi Minh City, it quickly became obvious how ‘easy’ it was to cross the border into Cambodia, so I spent most of my last week there (with debatable success, but I did it!).
I’ve travelled solo before to single destinations like European cities and New York, but I’ve never done Proper Backpacking before. My Latin America trips were, for various reasons, all group tours; not necessarily bad, but I fancied a change.  So – influenced heavily by Jamie’s SEA Extravaganza 2014 – I decided to just book a flight and work it out from there. This was the correct decision, as it turns out.
From crossing the road in Saigon to driving a motorbike around Cat Ba and Sapa, from spending 3 days enjoying the view in Mui Ne to spending 3 days running around Cambodia’s Greatest Hits, from eating and cycling around rice fields in Hoi An to getting Etsy-rivalling custom items in Hoi An, not to mention everyone I met along the way, it’s certainly a trip I won’t forget in a hurry.
The Peoples
2015 has most definitely been a year of highs and lows on the people front. I don’t have any desire to dwell on the lows except to say I learned a lot, realised I’m not responsible for the behaviour of others, and have a better idea on how to avoid a repeat of it all now.
The highs, however, I would most definitely like to repeat. I’ve met an utterly ginormous number and variety of new people I couldn’t have imagined meeting this time last year, and whom I am now confused as to where I would be without. Particularly coming off all of the lows,  I’ve been genuinely taken aback at how generous and accepting people have been of me and my nutty self. There’s far too many people to name here, hailing from Sapa to, er, Bounds Green, but suffice to say – you’ll all know who you are, and even if I’m not spectacular at demonstrating it, please know that you’re appreciated. 🙂
(Special mention, however, to Anna, Marie and Ellie – three awesome ladies who I really would have been nowhere without. Also to Liz, who knew me basically not at all, but has shown me huge generosity and saved my arse at a time I really needed it! Also also – my parents, for all of the reasons.)
In summary, then: 2015 = a year of adventures. I’ve not come up with a brand name for my 2016 yet, but I’d like to hope it’ll involve less doing things purely for others’ benefits/egos, and more doing things that make me happy. Because it’s about time.