Yes, I’m back! Recommitting to the blog and all sorts of things.

But Tina, where have you been tho?

Well, that is a question and a half. I will spare you the gory details, but let’s just say that Masters degrees are crazy, and 2017 was ‘finishing a Masters degree and about twenty things on top of that’ crazy. Not in a good way. So unsurprisingly the blog took a back seat.

I’m also starting a pivot to video, so you’ll start to see more of that. I’m not sure if the vlogging thing is for me (I am that weird combination of ‘please shower me with attention while I show off for you’ and ‘please never look at me I don’t want you to know all my secrets’ that seems to be very anti-vlogging) but I have ideas. Certainly sketches will be among them as I’m working on those at the moment; I’ve also been considering video essays. I’ve been concentrating on getting this blog relaunch up and running – now that’s done I can start making them. Hurrah!

I’ll do my best to not let this get as neglected again. I actually paid for the theme, for starters.