vlog: wardrobe upgrade!

I go visit Anna in South London and ‘acquire’ loads of her wardrobe. We then go back to Soho to see a show, thus escaping The South.

divorce party! also my first vlog! hello

I go to Hazel’s divorce party where we chat about going abroad to get unhitched, going abroad for life and the hustle of London creative life.

Everybody Does It – Central New Writing Night

Sophie’s had a rough night and she’s going to tell you all about it. She did everything right, followed all the rules. Didn’t she? I wrote and performed this as a work-in-progress for Central’s New Writing Night. In keeping with my ‘voice’ it’s NSFW (no, […]

Catholicon – Central New Writing Night

In October I wrote a short play for Central’s new writing showcase/scratch night thingy – a gig where works-in-progress can be put in front of an audience so the writers can see how they play and fix them, basically. That play is called Catholicon and […]