Just a quick one. I have, after much* thought, set up a Tinyletter!

The idea is that it’ll be a place for me to share thoughts that are a bit more personal and less clickbaity than the kind needed for a blog or Youtube post. Not that the last post was wildly impersonal or especially clickbaity, but you know. I might even share some of my thoughts on some of the reaction (or otherwise) to that post in this newsletter, and the only way you’ll find out is by subscribing.

That’s your CTA. You’re welcome. #contentcreator

Seriously though – I’d love it if you subscribed.  And let me know the kind of thing you might like me to talk about in it** – you can, quite literally, @ me on Twitter for this one.

Nellymail Tinyletter

*literally a little bit
**within reason, do not be a creep obvs